• Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Top Level Executive Management
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Financial Management
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – Marketing Management
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO) - Operations Management
  • Chief of Human Resources (CHR)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Communications Director
  • Executive Director 


  • Facilitation
  • Corporate restructuring and development
  • Project Management
  • Systems / Process Analysis and Implementation
  • Strategic leadership training
  • CEO and Executive coaching
  • Senior Management development
  • Marketing Plan creation
  • New Business start-up implementation
  • Information Technology management
  • Director, Information Services  

How our short term executives can help you:

Smooth Transition

Your firm has an opportunity to grow by acquiring a competitor but lacks the senior manpower depth internally to accommodate the purchase. A short-term executive during the transition period from acquisition to implementation can facilitate the purchase.

To-Do List
Your CEO has a number of projects on a to-do list but doesn’t have anyone to delegate to. All senior staff members are already overloaded or lacking the capability for the project. The new project needs a quarterback to research, structure and implement the concept. A short-term executive can chair the project and get it implemented.

Smart Save
Your start-up business needs help developing internal control and operating systems. A short term executive can get the job done in a more cost effective way than if you hired a full time person.

Growing-Pain Relief  
Your company experiences sudden unexpected rapid growth. Permanent senior staff is needed. A short-term executive can act as a bridge until you locate the best permanent candidate, which may take 3 – 6 months.

Test Drive
As CEO of a growing organization, you want to create a new executive level position but are unclear as to the exact job description and specific qualities required in an applicant. A short-term executive can test drive the position to clarify both the job and the characteristics sought, and can then participate in the recruiting and hiring process.

Timeline Tamer
Your company has a sudden gap in the management team as a result of an unexpected dismissal or resignation. It may take 3 – 6 months to recruit the right candidate. In the interim, a short-term executive can fill the void and carry the job.

Short-Term Solution

Your company has a sudden gap in the management team as a result of a serious illness to a key valued executive. The individual is expected to be absent for 3 months. A short-term executive can step into the role until the executive returns.

Difficult Circumstances
A key member of the senior management group passes away suddenly.  A short-term executive can fill the gap while a search is held for a replacement.

Team, Uninterrupted
A key executive is on maternity or paternity leave for one year. A short-term executive can step into the role without any disruption to the team.

Stress Free Vacation

You want to take an extended vacation. Your CEO chair can’t be left vacant but there isn’t anyone internally capable of fulfilling the role on a temporary basis. A short-term executive can fill that role.
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