HIE helps you minimize financial risk and exposure by eliminating the need to commit to a high level, high salary executive on a permanent basis with the cost of associated benefits.

Our seasoned executives are devoted to solving your staffing and project management needs for the short-term.

There are many ways you can use us to maximize your financial performance, especially during times of growth and opportunity or unexpected circumstance. Contact HIE when you need a short-term executive to:

  • Lead a critical project
  • Mentor a less experienced executive
  • Bring part-time, cost-effective expertise to your start-up company
  • Fill a management gap within your organization

Real Work > Real Results
HIE executives are hands-on, contributing members of your management team. We deliver immediate assistance, including facilitation and implementation services. We do NOT provide traditional consulting services where a high priced expert meets with and analyzes your situation, writes a report, and makes recommendations.

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